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CBR Restoration Group, Inc.

Re: Brickwork at 161 E. Erie, Chicago IL 60611

The rowhouse older building we own just off Michigan Avenue had a deteriorating parged brick wall where a previous rowhouse had been torn down years ago for a highrise. A slanting glass roof was built out to our property line below this wall to extend a restaurant. We feared that our wall materials could damage this adjacent business. The contractor, Voytek, bidding in competition with others, was clearly the most thorough, logical, and properly economical. We were delighted to have selected this company. As he carefully explained, the work entailed elaborate preparation and safety measures to set up the overhanging scaffolding while protecting the glass roof below. We are a small national non-profit foundation with our management scattered in Boston, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. With careful planning and limited travel to the site, we entrusted CBR to handle the job. They did everything they contracted to do in an efficient, effective manner. They also tore down and rebuilt a rotting chimney in the back of our building. We are very pleased with the finished new parapet with its careful waterproofing and the new parging that should stop any scaling or loose bricks from smashing the glass below. We hope our need for brick restoration is over, but we would not hesitate to call Voytek again.

D. Ransom
President  & Treasurer
Johnson OʼConnor Research Foundation, Inc



    Our condo association spent nearly two years and interviewed more than eight contractors before we decided to contract with CBR Restoration Group. We are thoroughly glad that we chose them to do this work. The scope of the project was large and required expensive special assessments, which burdened the homeowners of the 19 units in this building. From the start, CBR's proposal was thorough and detailed; many follow-up discussions occurred even before work started. Once the work began, the owner were onstie daily to oversee the work being completed by thier crew. They also worked on the project and we were very glad to have this hands on approach. When problems came up, which they inevitibly did, Voytek contacted me immediately to describe the problem (for example: they discovered crumbling lintels after starting their brick work) and asked me to inspect with him so that I could understand the issues involved. In fact during the project I spoke with him, on average, 2-3 three times a day. He provided constant feedback, which was essential for me to keep other owners informed. Their work is outstanding and I recommend them highly; they were flexible when necessary and as we approached December they worked on Sundays to take advantage of weather conditions (throughout the project they regularly worked on Saturdays). Before the project started, they contacted all building owners in the neighborhood and during the project they were so careful to maintain not only a clean worksite, but the grounds around the building as well. You will be glad to work with this company.
    Rebuilding parapet and facade walls on two facades, including 5-7 feet above and 6-12 feet below the roofline. Removed and replaced defective 100 year old lintels including two triple bays; grinding and tuckpointing entire facades and spot grinding and tuckpointing other areas; inspection and recaulking windows;powerwashing and cleaning of brick and limestone facades and coping; sealing and waterproofing other ares.

Board President


Re: Condominium Building Tuck-pointing and Steam Cleaning

To whom it may concern:

The Board of Directors of the Oakton House Condominium Associates is very pleased with the work that was performed by CBR Restoration Group. We have hired CBR twice now for separate projects for our 5 story building. CBR went above and beyond the requirements of the project.  By cleaning the mold mildew from the building, CBR extended the life of the tuck-pointing work that was performed and helped us realize a cost savings.

We can recommend CBR Restoration Group to do tuck-pointing and similar brick work or buildings like ours.

L. Carter
Condominium Association


    Contacted CBR and they promptly responded. They viewed the site and submitted an estimate later that day. Compared their estimate with two other contractors and found it very competitive on a price/quality basis. Signed the contract and gave an initial down-payment. 
   CBR took care of the design and permit process. This process went more quickly than expected. (Much more quickly than if I had done it myself.) The work was performed promptly and conscientiously. They kept the site clean and organized. The final result was beyond expectations. The porch and parapet wall passed city inspection without modification.

RPPG - Chicago



This is my firs letter of recommendation for a contractor. I take my effort to promote this company very seriously and disclose the following:
A.     I have had one job done by CBR Restoration Group.
B.     The job entailed the demolition of an enclosed porch of a six-flat apartment building and the 
      construction of two separate staircases; tuck-pointing; and concrete work.
C.     CBR workers were very courteous and considerate.
D.     The highest complement came from two City of Chicago building inspectors that the final 
       inspection and stated that CBR Restoration Group. had done an excellent job for 
       a very competitive price.
E.     The work was performed to my satisfaction.
F.      I would be willing to hire CBR Restoration Group for future work.

Let’s promote individuals that are quality performers.

Edgrick C. Johnson
Building Owner